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The Way 101: New Members

The Way 101 is our new members' class. The Session gives you an introduction to our vision and mission, while providing you with clear ways that you can become a part of that mission. It explains who we are and what we do, and then it details some of our ongoing ministry activities. This Program has an open invitation. To register for the next Session. Please complete the form below.

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The Way 201: Leadership Training Institute (LTI)


the Way 301: Ministry Steward

The Way 301 is our advanced leadership and ministry ordination pathway. During this multi-week intensive, participants will engage with Pastoral staff around ordination & steward-based leadership, exegetical and hermeneutical trainings and church polity. The participants in this track of leadership development, formation and affirmation are invited by Pastoral staff after careful observation and discernment grounded in previous ministry opportunities. As our congregation continues to increase in numbers, influence, and impact, we will need well-trained and prepared stewards and servants who can preach, pray, teach, lead and serve at various levels of our congregational life. We encourage all interested to pay particular attention to the prerequisite pathways of The Way 101 and The Way 201. 

The Way 401: Church Planting

The Way 401 is our church planting and multi-site pathway reserved for those who are called to pastoral ministry beyond the singular service option of Sunday morning worship. It is our desire to expand into neighboring cities with campus or multi-site options which can provide more opportunities for formation, discipleship and service in the ways of Jesus.