Sawubona Series

Sawubona or "We see you" is a Zulu greeting and concept of seeing another person fully. It's an acknowledgement between the two people engaged in this greeting that they see each other and agree to investigate their mutual potential for life. Scripture tells us to love one another even as God has loved us (John 13:34). Like the 3 1/2 Minutes series on implicit bias, we are entering another loving, "seeing each other" conversation regarding the intersectionality of race and gender in our Christian faith. Specifically and prayerfully, we will enter the conversation of toxic masculinity and the burdensome ideology of of the "strong Black woman." 

Our Sawubona series will be weekly small (LIVE) groups facilitated by our leaders. We will follow texts related to toxic masculinity and the book Too Heavy a Yoke by Chanequa Walker-Barnes.

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